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The package consists of the MK-677 and the LGD-4033. The ideal 8-week cure packa..
NEXT LVL MUSCLE S-4 andarine 60x25mg Capsules

S-4 andarine 60x25mg Capsules

Fat percentage decreases, muscle mass increases, strength increases...
NEXT LVL MUSCLE GW-501516 endurobol 60x10mg Capsules

GW-501516 endurobol 60x10mg Capsules

Endurance and fat loss.
NEXT LVL MUSCLE MK-677 ibutamoren 60x10mg Capsules

MK-677 ibutamoren 60x10mg Capsules

Increased growth hormone production: increased muscle mass, improved fat loss, m..
NEXT LVL MUSCLE LGD-4033 ligandrol 60x10mg Capsules

LGD-4033 ligandrol 60x10mg Capsules

Increase in muscle mass, the size of muscle mass and strength...
NEXT LVL MUSCLE MK-2866 ostarine 60x10mg Capsules

MK-2866 ostarine 60x10mg Capsules

Muscle growth with minimal side effects, safer than steroids but more powerful t..
NEXT LVL MUSCLE S-23 60x10mg Capsules

S-23 60x10mg Capsules

Increase in muscle mass and strength. Dry and vascular end result...
NEXT LVL MUSCLE SR-9009 stenabolic 60x10mg Capsules

SR-9009 stenabolic 60x10mg Capsules

Increased muscle cells, positively influencing endurance/cardio performance...
NEXT LVL MUSCLE RAD-140 testolone 60x10mg Capsules

RAD-140 testolone 60x10mg Capsules

Powerful increase in lean body mass and strength.


Do you go to the gym several times a week but the results remain? Do you train your muscles for hours every day but you see no visible difference? This is obviously very annoying. Especially when you do your best and the results are not visible. There can be many different reasons for this. So this may be due to your genes, but also your lifestyle, eating habits or digestion can affect this. SARMs can help you to achieve visible results and improve yourself in the gym.

What are SARMS?

The abbreviation SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These substances were once developed to treat certain muscle diseases and obesity, but due to the low number of side effects, they quickly became popular among bodybuilders and athletes. When SARMs are taken, the substances quickly attach to the muscles and bones, creating more muscle tissue. This muscle tissue ensures that muscle cells are better activated, and subsequently become stronger and grow. The activation of this process is done mainly through exercise and sports. Taking only the SARMs and not exercising or moving will therefore have little effect.

Why use SARMS?

SARMs make your efforts in the gym pay off. They can help you achieve a tight body or make your tight body even tighter. In addition, SARMS provide a boost in muscle strength, endurance and fat burning. No matter what you use SARMS for, the results will always amaze you. So buying SARMs can help you achieve your goals and improve your results.

Are Sarms safe?

Of course we do our homework when it comes to research chemicals. Therefore, the SARMs we sell are extensively researched, tested and have lab results available. In addition, we only sell high-quality SARMs that are 99% pure.

Please note that all information about these research chemicals and the research chemicals themselves are for educational and research purposes only. These products are not supplements and are not suitable for human consumption.

What are the different effects of SARMs?

There are many different types of this product and with these different types come different effects. Some of these SARMs are very similar in their effects, but may have a different amount of a substance. Examples include SARMs with a higher amount of a particular substance and SARMs with a lower amount of a particular substance. These different amounts also affect the half-life, also called time of action. With a higher dosage of a certain substance, it will take longer for the SARMs to work, whereas with a lower dosage the time of action will be shorter. The dosage for these types is also lower than for lighter varieties. At the end of the use phase, you may need to do a Post Cycle Therapy to get your values back on track. Therefore please read up on it before starting a cycle!

Combining multiple types of SARMs

Combining multiple species can help you achieve even more focused results. This is popularly known as stacking. This way of combining makes it possible to make use of both effects of the SARMs, which can ensure an even faster and better progression, and thus result in better results. In short, combining multiple SARM types can make achieving the desired metamorphosis a lot easier. However, we would recommend you to do some research on this. That way you know for sure that both supplements complement or strengthen each other.

Side effects

In general, users are very satisfied with the results of this type of drug. Some SARMs side effects are known such as: increased blood pressure, pain in the body and minor mental complaints. However, these SARMs side effects are rare among the users. All in all, this is a fairly new supplement for which little research has been done and therefore little is known about it. We do not recommend the consumption of these substances, and still emphasize that these substances are best used for research purposes. Buying SARMs is and remains at your own risk!





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